Tile displays for fairs, booths, etc

Who makes and sells tiles? I’ve been requested so many times to make my sticker stands into tile holders and finally it is here. 36 tiles in the 9 tray version and 24 for the 6 tray version. I think this is gonna be a game changer for those who sell the engraved tiles. Holds 4.25"x 4.25" tiles or smaller (coasters work too).
Also a huge thank you to “Jennys Crafty Cards” in the group, facebook.com/groups/glowforgeathome for file testing this. I have one other person who is file testing it as well so might have more photos soon.

Files can be found here if you want to make your own: Custom Laser Designs by FreshStartCustoms on Etsy


its a nice display, I guess people put photo’s / designs on the tiles.


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Yes, quite a bit of prior art here on the forum.


Yeah, the person who tested it for me didn’t have any engraved at the time but here’s how I do mine:


I need one to store all the tile experiments I’ve done that aren’t perfect but are too good to throw away! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ha ha same


How do you protect a tile from the ink being steamed off (in a high humid area of say a bathroom) you coat it with poly?

I’ve never done anything to mine since mines more hung on the wall but I think some people spray it with clear coat of shellac

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You could get a much darker more permanent version if you tried the Norton white tile method.

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