Tile for my cousin who helped with our bee invasion


Cousin Nolan helped relocate the bee invasion to a bee box. So I made him a momento.


For a cousin who relocated a bee colony for me, I’d make it from gold! :smile:

It looks great!


This is BEEutiful! As a part of our schools “Bee Team”, I am In charge of maintaining the hive boxes. Ideas, Ideas!


Oh, nice! He definitely deserves an award, and that’s a really cute one.


Good on you for not just killing them in a knee-jerk reaction.
That tile turned out great! Isn’t it nice to think of, design, and blow out a personalized gift like that?


That tile looks incredible. Very handy having a bee-friendly cousin


The quotes we got was $2300 with no repairs. Crazy to rip open the exterior walls of your house. It would have been easier to just kill the hive but I wanted to relocate the bees instead. Nolan saved the day after I bought him bee suits and he built a bee box. The other boy is my very brave 12 year old son/helper. Nolan is reading up on bee keeping his sudden new hobby.


You’re all pretty brave. (I wouldn’t mess with either bees or bats.) :smile:


Glad to see people helping bees survive. Great gift for helping.


I agree. So nice to give a personalized gift to this level right away. Plus I was so thankful for all his help.


Honey bees I don’t mind so much. Not allergic, that I know (it’s been a while since I’ve been stung - I wisely avoid the flying critters…) - but here in GA, the yellow-jackets that nest in the ground? Those… Those gotta go. Fire and brimstone!!


Also they kill honeybees. So yep. Flamethrower!


we also get a lot of red wasps around here. Fortunately I live backed up to woods, and because of that they tend to nest in the trees rather than trying to nest on my house…

but back on topic - Great tile!


Seems totally appropriate! :sunglasses:


Congrats on the relocation of the bees! The tile is exceptional!


I love it! And I love the ability to make really nice, personalized mementos as gifts using this technique.