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I’m working on a project but having some issues and wanted to see if anyone has any ideas…

I have a 4x4 tile, painted the first layer red, and another layer of black…

I’m trying to make the image below in all RED, I keep cutting through the paint layers and it comes out black or looks like it’s melted.

The image is in a Negative Half tone set up.

I’m currently using the settings below…
1000 speed
100 power
675 LPI
and the focus heigh is on AUTO

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@shogun has posted many projects using a technique like you’re describing.

This is what I was doing for a similar process with canvas. Maybe there is something here that will help:


I’m gonna move this over to Beyond the Manual since it contains non-PG settings. :slight_smile:

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Well for one thing using a power setting of 100 is a bit high if you only want to burn through a paint layer. Try dropping that to 20 or so and then adjust up or down from there.

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