Tile Testings

Inspired by the other thread… and because I ran across some unused bathroom tiles at the office… I decided to see what I could do. You’ll notice at the bottom a bit of a ghost image for a few millimeters on the stem. That was the first pass which wasn’t nearly good enough. Tried it at 1000/50 and it just wasn’t doing the business. So I went 400/Full and that etched very nicely.

Just some stock image I found on google images and cleaned up a bit. After the engrave, I went over it with a brush fine-liner and then used IPA to wipe off the excess. Did a pretty decent job I think.


And then I went to it with some alcohol markers… and if I had any I would spray some gloss sealer over it… But… none to be had currently.


The colors on your tile look so realistic. I never get tired of working on tiles. :grinning:


You get that little bit of an “edge” around where the color pools a bit I think. I gave up trying to blend anything though. It just lifts off the previous color when you try to go over it with another. Perhaps I’ll try acrylic paints in the future.


That’s beautiful. :sunglasses:


Looks good! :slightly_smiling_face:


I have trouble with alcohol inks on non-porous surfaces, in terms of being able to blend without lifting color, but I think your work looks very good, it has an artistic feel. Not exactly realistic, compared to a photo, but very beautiful…nice work!


Both are lovely, but I think I like the all black best.

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