Tile Topped Mandala Box

These are some tile topped boxes with mandalas that I made from proof grade Maple and Cherry. I used Peel N Stick felt on the inside.
The mandalas were made with Mandala Creator actions for Illustrator.
I have included the SVG’s for the box.
There are also links for the Mandala Creator actions in the Zip file.
The Mandala Creator actions are inexpensive, easy to use, and have very easy to follow tutorials on Youtube.
Tile Box.zip (792.6 KB)
Mandalas.zip (19.2 KB)


What a beautiful kitty! :grinning:

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Kind of you to share your box … And the link for the mandalas. Thank you! It turned out very nice … And yes, a beautiful kitty!


Very nice - and thanks for sharing.

It’s a great box, but I’m more interested in how you did the tile. Did you engrave it on the GF then hand color it? If so, that’s an outstanding result!

I engraved and colored it the same as in the More Engraved Tiles topic.

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Well I’m still amazed. I would take your class if I could!

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