Tiling a multilayered cut and engrave file

Hello, I’m looking for instruction on how to tile a multilayered cut and engrave file one-bed image at a time. I’m trying to create a piece 36" x 36". I have found some instructions for engraving only. Appreciate the help!

I am going to move this from the Problems and Support category as this does not require Glowforge Support.

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It sounds to me like you are wanting to do a project involving the Pro Passthrough, so I assume you have a Pro. These instructions provided by Glowforge should apply equally to engraving and cutting:

If you don’t have a Pro and are planning on tiling multiple small sheets, these instructions can be helpful, and all the tips apply to cutting as well as engraving.

@cynd11 thank you I’ll give that a shot. I do have a pro but my intended output is wider than the forge and why I need to tile if possible. I reduced my project down to the width of the forge and tried the pass through. It worked once. Sort of. My forge has never lined up anything well, the only time I get things to work if I limit myself to the bed size. I used the pass through for one print slid the material forward the second print was 3/16 off. Then the second clipped art file wouldn’t delete. I turned off the forge turned it back on and wanted to try the print again but then it wouldn’t recognize my art. So I gave up. I’ll let you know if I find success with the links you provided. Appreciated!

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