Time between glowforge email and UPS email

I am just wondering what the average wait time people have been experiencing to hear from UPS after they receive an their email from glowforge that their machine is ready to ship.

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Keeping in mind that many of the edge cases on the later end of things (>50 days) have simply not returned to the spreadsheet to update their entry.

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Agreed. It’s up to ones own self for conjecture and speculation.

10/26 golden email for pro. No tracking info yet on the forge.

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I was a Day 23 order. My golden ticket came on 10/25 and arrived 11/20

I’m a day 29 Pro, Golden email 11/3. No tracking info yet.

The bell curve displayed on the spreadsheet seems to indicate an average of 4.2 weeks between GT Email and GF arrival. It’s hard to say how predictive the average so far will be, as on one hand, the more GF they build, the faster they are getting. On the other hand… the holidays…

(Pro, day 22, 10/25 Email, no tracking)

Thank you, I was wondering about that spike. Should have thought of that.

Tarnished bronze email 10/31. Day confused. ordered 10/21/15 upgraded to pro days later. No tracking yet. Proofgrade arrived 11/13/17. This is killing me! Ahhhh

I don’t see your info on the spreadsheet, but that would put you on the same order day as me. Were you early or late in tha day? I think I was first order that day 7AM EST.

Is the chart on the sheet only counting rows filled with complete data?

I originally put in the wait counter and recently changed it to take into account everyone who has gotten their ‘golden email’ but no tracking yet.

That’s why the average wait time jumped from 3 to 4 weeks.

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There are a few who filled in the Golden ticket date, who never returned to fill in delivery date though. Won’t that skew the data?

a little, but not as much as leaving everyone off who is currently waiting.

I added myself yesterday when I discovered the sheet. It was 8:50am on 10/16 that I got my order confirmation email, so it’s possible that I placed the order the night before or early morning on the 16th. My data is at the bottom as I didn’t want to misformat or screw up any formulas that might have occurred had I inserted a row myself.

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update, just got the email that it has shipped. email from glowforge arrived oct 30th, tracking number arrived nov 28th


Update: got my tracking (hooray!) 10/26 email, 11/28 tracking email. Supposed to arrive Monday.

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