Time Counter


Hello Everyone,

I think there should be some kind of time counter with every account, showing time and days left to ship the glowforge for that member. It will be exciting.:grinning:

Thank you


You mean deadly for the folks at the front of the line! Chuckle! :smile:


I think the best that could be done right now is a countdown to the end of the year clock. but some will have their Glowforge before then and some after.


Easy enough:


Looks like a LONG time (but not as long as it was before :-))!


Better Beta Badges, Buddy?

This is so cool and at the same time stressful , because I’ll be watching it every second :stuck_out_tongue: until December


What?! I only have about 137 days to get my workspace ready? Oh crumb.


When would it be appropriate to start the betting pool as to the shipping date of the Glowforge? I’ve been trying to think of how this would work. Perhaps date and time of delivery as documented by the shipper on the order tracking.


As a rule I don’t gamble or participate in betting pools. Mainly because money has no emotional value to me. But of course this pool wouldn’t involve real money since that would be illegal in most states. But there’s another problem. If I chose an early date the arrival of the GF would mean far more than winning any pool so there’s no real win. If I choose a late date I don’t want to win. Being me is a real pain.


Or the date of the email asking for the shipping address.
That coincides with our option to get a refund turning into a pumpkin.