Time Estimation Question

Is there an option to estimate print and cut time w/out actually printing or cutting?
I have only made one print and cannot remember if it prompts you to print/cut before
it does?

I just want to see the time estimation right now.

Since the final step is pressing the hardware print button to start the engraving/cutting process, you can always send the job to the printer and see what the time is and not press the start button on the Glowforge. Then click the cancel button in the GFUI. No harm at all.


Yeah that sure would work, lol. TY!

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That’s exactly what I do. Then I can determine if I have enough time to babysit it or if I need to wait until I finish other things. :slight_smile:


the only negative to that is that the machine has to be on and online for it to work. so if you’re working on something in a different location and didn’t leave the machine on, you can’t test.

i really wish GF would add an estimate completion time button so i could test something regardless of whether the machine is on.


It looks like you’ve already gotten some great guidance from the community, thanks everyone! Since this issue is resolved I’m going to close this thread. If you need any further help, please start a new thread or email us at support@glowforge.com.

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