Time Flies when you are lazing the day away

So I figured I’d make myself a time machine.

Just a simple project one can do while the glue/paint dries on others. I’d like to get an LED and have it sticking out of the hole in the top, as well as one inside that lights up the windows (Which will be made from frosted acrylic at a later date.)

Here’s the file for the one on the left. It’s the original file, complete with designers information.

Here’s the file for the one on the right. Because there where just a few things I didn’t like with the original. (For instance, had to sand down some parts to get them to fit.)


And now we go from If I only had a heart from the wizard of Oz to the dun dundun dun of the good Dr.

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Very nice! :grinning:

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I just watched season 8 over the last two days. :smiley:

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If we had a Time Machine we could all pop into the future and get our GF then pop back to now and have extra time to laserize stuff. And know who won the world series and the Super Bowl and who gave me a valentine and how St Pats day was and how my birthday party was going to be and a lot more… Yep, got a ways to wait…


Nope, the shipping date of each GF is such a monumental event that it forms a Fixed Point in time. Next thing you know, there would be monsters crawling out of vesuvius.


Oh, right. I forgot about that.

Very nice. They look great!
Thanks for sharing the files, too!

My GF’s name is Vesuvius. No monsters in there, I checked.


@karzdan OMG… I have to make one for my daughter!

Nicely done. That’s very creative.