‘Time’ for my first project

After getting my Glowforge set up and printing a founders ruler I was eager to get into my first real project.
The head pro at my golf club has set up his own business to take full control over how instruction and training are delivered. To help him celebrate the opening of his new academy I decided to make him a clock using his new logo as the design.
I recreated the logo in Corel draw and used the sample proofgrade Maple plywood. A battery clock movement, a few score lines, some engraved lettering and some oil paint markers later I had a unique gift for the opening. Pretty simple but so exciting to see this machine in action.
My quilter mother has already dropped off a number of stencil patterns and some fabric for me to cut for her!
Tons of fun and endless possibilities in store. Worth the wait so far.


Great Clock! Look forward to your next endeavors…


Yep! Very cool! :grinning:


Outstanding first project! I really like the look of those oil markers and glad to see that they look so well on finished Proofgrade. That is one thing I haven’t tried, but I will now! Other types of marker (Alcohol markers for example) don’t give such a smooth and even finish.


An exceptional project! He must have been so wowed when you presented it!

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Very nice! Great work!


Definitely want to do a clock. Do my own gears…