Time Occupiers

To keep everyone at home occupied I made a quick puzzle. In searching for something automated I ended up wasting more search, rather than making. But I think I found simple process of designing them. I encourage you to try, but for those in a hurry, you can use the file attached.


If you want to be a bit evil, use draftboard or acrylic, something without a grain or pattern engraved.

Making you Own

I started out with a grid in illustrator. I just created a square and did a step and repeat. I used a fill of white to aid in selection.

Then just start selecting boxes and coloring them.

Use select > same > appearance then unite with pathfinder.

You could unite them as you go, but it makes changing your mind more difficult.

Once you have created your puzzle shapes, use the pathfinder tool and choose outline, select all and set the stroke to a single color and give it a weighted stroke.


This is a very fun file. Thank you.

Have you tried it? My daughter isn’t having much fun yet. :slight_smile:



I think the fun is watching someone else try. Kinda sadistic.

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This is a great idea! Definitely worth doing. Someone will come along and make a python thingy and make this automated. Give the shelter in place order a few more days and people will be looking for stuff like that to do!

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Very cool, and thanks for the instructions! It might make the puzzle a little easier to work if one painted the front and back different solid colors before cutting.


She is going to school for Biomedical Engineering, I am not going to make easy for her.


This is great! And I guess for little kids you could engrave something on it too. Love it!

Great idea, and a big thank you for walking us through how it was done in AI … still trying to learn that beast!! :slight_smile:

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I wish i could “heart” this 100 times…LOVE IT

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Thank you! Fun idea!

This is great!

cool idea!

Fun Idea! Thanks for the file and tutorial!

Okay I absolutely love this file. It’s probably one of the most easiest things I understand on how to make. My daughter loved putting it together!!

That being said, I did take your original puzzle design and used it on some 4 x 4 blanks acrylic I had and then I created a baseboard to glue the outline of the puzzle on made of draft board. I put my company logo underneath the puzzle. And I taped the bottom so if I give them away they don’t fall apart.

Now if somebody wants to take the tape off and work the puzzle they can I’m attaching some pictures so you all can see what I’ve done which took forever because my glowforge is totally out of whack and almost inoperable at this point( they are arranging to send me a different one according to the discussion.

this is such a cool idea as a event favour or freebie giveaway or even as a company publicity item…Thank you for the design…I’m going to brave inkscape again and try and design an entirely different one.


Those are beautiful! You should be able to create the same thin in Inkscape fairly easy. You might have to ask some Inkscape experts here on how to remove the double lines from last step. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!