Time Sensitive Shipping Emergency - Need info within 3 days. - Australia

Hey @dan and support crew, I desperately need some assistance and have got nothing back from your busy support team.

Good news - My Glowforge is in the country.
Bad news - Customs needs more detail than I can provide them, and the information that came with the Glowforge seemed to be not enough.

I have 3 days left to get it resolved or my Glowforge is going to be travelling back to the US of A.

I’ve had 3 half hour conversations with FedEx reps here trying to give them the exact information that they require but I can’t give them exactly what they need and I dare say that any of the other Australian shipments will have the same issue.

I Have made a few attempts at contacting support since Saturday and I know they’re inundated at the moment but I need to get this resolved. Below is the guts of the request from Australian Customs via FedEx. I’m posting this here so any other Aussies that are still waiting on their GF can put in a request for this info for their order too:

The above mentioned shipment has encountered Australian customs clearance or
quarantine delays.

In order to clear this shipment, FedEx requires submission of the following documents:

Itemized Commercial Invoice

  1. Exact description of goods
  2. A detailed list of what the contents are and used for
  3. Unit price + total invoice value for each item ($0 value is not acceptable, even if the item is supplied free of charge)
  4. Quantities of each commodity
  5. Invoice total must match declared value on Airway bill

To maintain efficient and reliable service for all of our customers, FedEx allocates five business days to complete clearance. If the information required for the clearance is not received by 20-SEP-2019, the package may be returned to the sender, as per the conditions of contract on the reverse side of the FedEx international air waybill.

The cost of this return shipment will be billed to the original payor.

Thank you for choosing FedEx. I look forward to hearing back from you.


The chat function is on right now at https://glowforge.com/support (very bottom, right hand side) - go there if you possibly can!


Thanks @deirdrebeth!
Damn can’t see it there. They must have turned off.
Will look again at their business hours later on.

The support team has been in touch and their logistics crew is sorting it out.
Will post what satisfied Australian Customs when it’s all sorted so that if others have this trouble they know ahead of time.



Hoping I will need this soon.

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Hi @benjibuls,

I apologize your Glowforge shipment has been delayed at customs. Our team is working on resolving this issue for all Australian customers. I’ve followed up with you directly over email, so I’m going to close this thread.

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