Time to cut a living hinge

How long should it take to cut a living hinge? My app is telling me 45 minutes!?
Could that be right?
The hinge portion of my design is only about 10 x 5 inches - the rest of the design is just a couple of rectangles. No engraving. Nothing fancy. Also using PG acrylic. Does this sound normal?
Thanks in advance! I’m still a Noob

Sounds about right.

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Edit: Nvm I don’t read apparently lol.

Yup that sounds about right depending on the complexity. What material and how big is the design?

is only about 10 x 5 inches … using PG acrylic.


The weekend is here!

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i have no idea where my brain is today lol. I got a haircut maybe that’s where my attention span went.


I will say tho now that the rest of the message has registered in my brain. That is a lot of cutting in a kinda small area for acrylic. Be careful it does not catch on fire.


Good point.

Acrylic does not typically make a good living hinge. Too brittle after being exposed to the heat of cutting.

Fine for a curved fixed surface, but not so much as a working hinge.


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