Time to update Latest Schedule Banner?



@dan The banner says ‘pre-release units are shipping’. Perhaps that should be updated to 'production units are shipping?


I was reading the GF refund cancellation page this morning and noticed it said,

“Orders are rolling off the line from their California factory, and yours is coming soon.”

Made me smile reading that. :slight_smile: (It also neatly laid out all the purchase bonuses we are getting too.)


Noooo don’t gooooo!



Thanks! Bad airplane wifi but will try to do that asap.


Get me my GF soon or I go ya Wanka!


Now I think she really is calling you a Wanka…




Banner updated and happiness full reloaded!!!

Good job @dan .

Any idea when will start shipment to Europe? :stuck_out_tongue:


Interested in reading that but after 616 days of waiting there is no way I’m going to accidentally select the wrong button out of curiosity.


To help people see the page, here is a PDF of the contents (link to cancellation form displayed, but not easily clicked). It lists all the things people loose out on.

Glowforge-Cancel_Pre-Order_Page-20170601.pdf (116.7 KB)

And for the even more click concerned (no way to click on links):


"Production units will soon be covfefe


I told the story months ago, but now I see it happening… On your way to hand-deliver my Glowforge, I see? Nice touch. I’ll be sure to prepare your favorite for dinner!


So your saying the wifi on airplanes isn’t good enough to operate my Forge. I’m thoroughly disappointed and miffed. This should be in the manual as well as the confirmation email before shipping.


Yay!! It’s only a matter of days now I hope… (keeps checking email) :wink:


^^^ He said covfefe


That made me choke on my own saliva laughing.


I never did get my book…



There’s my childhood coming back for more.
Now to see Morepheous the Cowboy! :wink:

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