Timelapse of Ornament

One thing I’ve learned in my short time as a GF owner…

… if you make a thing that one person likes, there’ll be a ton more requests for the same. For every project in my queue, I need to add a bit of delay where I’m cranking out a few dozen copies of said project.

No complaints. Totally worth it.

This is a Christmas tree ornament commemorating my grand-nephew’s first Christmas. I posted the final product before. This is just a time lapse of same. 17 minutes compressed into 34 seconds.


You did a wonderful job of preparing that photo–it really looks great. I can see why so many people want one!


That is Sooo Adorable!

you have the like the fastest glowforge on the planet. :slight_smile:


that is my next todo thing some picture engraves.

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Check that speed! Must be a V2.0! :grinning:

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