Timing of ordering of additional units



I’m in Australia and ordered a Pro on 24/9/15. On 17/7/17 I ordered an additional 3 basic units for my workshop, under the belief that they would be delivered at the same time as the Pro. Not sure where I got that idea from, I vaguely remember reading it on the forum maybe.

Anyway with the recent send out of emails about shipping (which I haven’t yet got), I checked my account and saw that my Pro is scheduled for delivery on Feb 23 2018, but the 3 Basics are April 16 2018.

Is this correct or should they ship together?



Thanks for asking! Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

The information on your account is correct - all things being equal, we ship orders based on their original order dates. We’ll continue to update your projected shipment dates with the latest information from the factory.

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