Tiny Art Objects

You call those skulls?


These are really cool! My son would go nuts for those dinosaurs in the first photo.

Oh wow! I want one of those for the Living Room so bad! :smile:
(Here there be dragons.)

These are super-cool. Did you start from a cat/bobcat skull and mod from there?

You must have some tall ceilings. I want one for my parent’s cabin. Half on the beach, half in the water.

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Happy Cake Day @morganstanfield !!! :slight_smile:


Thanks! Hard to imagine it’s been so long.

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Did you say hand drawn?! These rock.

I want one!!!

Can I squee for these skulls? I know, we’re past the squee stage on the forum, but it happened. I saw the skulls and squeed. At least I wasn’t in public (this time). :flushed:

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Head to Thingivese and search skull.
They have a huge selection.
Need access to a 3D printer though

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Hmmmm, sounds like a reason to participate in Black Friday.

As a rule, I avoid that madness, but this may make me break my rule.

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Lasered so many things. I think I’m ready for the convention this weekend. Woo!


They all look great! Have fun conventioning! :grinning:

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Thanks Jules! Hopefully the attendees will think so too! :slight_smile:

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Some great stuff there. I really like the owl pendant!

These are outrageously amazing!

What is the white material with the red streaks?

It’s the maple wood, but I painted some white with a dollop of brownish/red acrylic for a streak effect. It is kinda tricky not to get it in the engraving!

Have you tried dry brushing? It’s that kinda technique.