Tiny Dancer

So, I am a bit of a music junkie. I grew up in Austin and ever since being a kid, going to blues on the green was a standard family activity. When older, we started going to ACL together. I watched Almost Famous for the first time when I was 15 and ever since that, Tiny Dancer has been my ringtone.

I decided to glowforge something about it:

This was a button down suede shirt I picked up from Marshalls this weekend. It’s technically a scuba suede fabric, which are my favorite to work with. I have posted my settings before on suede but the standard suede settings I use for start is 700 speed and 22 power. I always find a way to work into a design a little test run. I decided to do a little design on the sleeve:

The settings were good but I could do with a little less power and ensure the fabric is still strong. I decided to dial back to 700 speed and 18 power. I then printed the main back design:

The results were perfect. Here is how the inside of the shirt looks post engraving:

The results turned out well enough that I did not have to repair any stitches:

In all, this was a great project and my new favorite shirt.

Also, my LPI was 270 at all times with fabric unless I otherwise state so.

Also, this was done on my pro but like most passthrough stuff I do, I ended up using the magnet hack.

To be clear, this is something I do with utmost precaution. Not only have I read over the class 4 training from glowforge but I actually have a lot of training around this with my workplace. The same is true for my husband and we have a LED sign that states when one of our glowforges are class 4. Dogs our not around at that time and safety is respected. If you do this then please make sure to get your needed laser googles. We also have a wall mounted filter over the glowforges to parse out the potential fumes with the door open. If you are like me and wear glasses, the glowforge clear glasses are cool and all but I kinda recommend some tinted ones so you dont go in the room thinking you are wearing your GF googles but are just wearing your normal glasses.


Beautiful result. Thanks for the write up.


You truly are becoming the Glowforge Seamstress!!!



That’s some impressive contrast! Bookmarked.


Thanks! Always happy to share my glowforging knowledge. You helped me once a while back when I was stuck :slight_smile:


Wow this is gorgeous, I love that you went for it and did it so big!


Terrific results! The suede looks great lasered. The needle/love icon is very nice! Great stuff!


This is truly stunning!


Really lovely results. I have recently started working with fabric and it’s nice to gather inspiration.


I have some topics posted a while ago where I glowforge various fabrics (I need to update that post). It might be useful with working with fabrics. I love fabric and any excuse to get more :slight_smile:

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Sweet! I will do a search for them. Thanks!


There are very few nearly perfect movies… Almost Famous is one of them. :slight_smile:

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I would love to hear your list of perfect movies. I knew of tiny dancer before watching almost famous but that bus scene with it was what really just set that song in memory for me. That movie did have my second favorite song, Simple Man. My favorite song is still Eminence Front though. Which was left off almost famous.

I’m sure I have a few on my list that people wouldn’t agree with. But I have found it hard to find anyone that doesn’t like Almost Famous. :slight_smile:

Off the top of my head…

Shawshank Redmption
Princess Bride
A Knight’s Tale
Forest Gump

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Okay, that is a good list. Missing legally blonde and law abiding citizen :slight_smile:


A really great result. Great contrast. I love it.

I wanted to follow up with this post to further drive home the point the importance of first working in a test run with your design. I am working on a projects with a few yards of this scuba sueded:


Settings for this has been much closer to 1000 speed and 8 power. In the fabric world, that is a pretty big difference from 700 speed and 22 power for what is generalized as the same fabric. The weight of joans one is much less and is for a design I am making from scratch but printing on. I am not sure the full weight of the scuba suede store bought shirt. Just test your stuff :slight_smile:

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Beautiful turnout!