Tiny pots box cover


IMG_0571I know I’m wearing this heart bit to a nub, but I’m still not sick of it yet. Maple plywood with acrylic inlay. I had thought that the acrylic was the same thickness as the plywood, but I’m still happy with it.


Very pretty! :grinning:


The acrylic inlay is such a nice extra touch!


Very Nice!


The heart inlay…how did you do it? Was it a cut out of the wood (then backed with something else) or engraved to the right depth? I love the look!


I had the same pattern (imagine the pattern above but in one material) I cut it out twice, out of two materials, and just swapped! :):grinning: and then laid the whole business on a pre-made box.


Oh! And! It was cut straight through on both materials, so I have an opposite version as well as this one. I use CorelDRAW for my designing and send it to a PDF.