Tip the Glowforge on its side?

Can the Glowforge Pro be tilted 90° on it’s back, or sides or front? I need to get to the screws on the bottom to loosen the back aluminum plate to get the hinge ribbon and PCB back in place. I will secure the laser tube as they do in shipping but will I make a mess with any of the liquid cooling system? Thanks much.

Not sure you should, but let’s face it, there is zero chance that your Glowforge wasn’t sideways, upside down, shaken and stirred when it was shipped. Mine was sideways on the truck when it drove the 50 miles from a FedEx distribution site to my house.

I haven’t looked at the bottom of mine in three years. Is there no way you can ease the unit off the edge of a bench to see whatever you need? There is at least one person here who has replaced the rear circuit board. Can’t remember who but maybe they can give advice.


I’ve always used mine on the floor, didn’t have a table when I got it and was in a hurry to use it. Maybe I’ll tip it up then later go through the start-up procedure to “unbubble” it. I saw the post by raymondking32 and he said he didn’t think on a Pro that you can get the plate off, I’m not sure. I did pull the ribbon and PCB out but putting the new one back through is like pushing a car up a hill with a rope.

You are talking about the infamous black ribbon? There is no need. You pull the gantry forward and reach back. I replaced mine just recently.

Black ribbon and PCB, whole different story, you have to pull it out through the right side to plug the white ribbon into the new PCB, pushing it back into place is not possible without removing the back plate.

Then as it sits on four feet, it does not need anything between those feet so if supported on an expanded table without the leaf in place or two tables or even two chairs you can get under it like working on a car. :thinking:


Way to go MacGyver!

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Good idea, I wish mine wasn’t sitting on the floor. I fixed it using an alternate method.

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Glad it’s fixed! For those curious, @rhgrafix was quite correct to secure the laser tube as for shipping! Your Glowforge is meant to stay “right side up” and as @rpegg says they are often moved in more ways while traveling!