Tip & Trick for a light and easy to cut file! (1/2) 📃

Hi guys,

Being a 3D Graphic Designer, I’ve used so many plugins and softwares in my life, today, most likely Adobe Illustrator for Vector files.

Before I continue, just want to make it clear that I am not paid or anything else for doing this and to “promote” the plugin and or software here! I’m only giving the tips that I learnt with few months with :glowforge: !

So, I will talk about a plugin called “Smart Remove Brush Tool” from Astute Graphics.
You can check online for it and it’s VERY simple to use, it’s just as the name says, you just select the object you want to remove the unnecessary vertices and brush it, it will maintain the shapes forms and remove only unnecessary vertices.

It’s an amazing plugin to make your vector files clean and light to be handled and edited, specially if this vector comes from a traced image for example.

Here you can see the text (not from a traced image) entirely created with the text tool and just simple typed the text, converted to shapes and merged them together.

Look the before and after on this image and you will understand me a bit better.


As you can see, so many vertices which makes the file bigger and dirty once you want to edit it!


Look how clean this is and it’s very easy to edit once you have only few vertices to manipulate.

I hope you understand and I’m uploading soon another tool that I use when cutting acrylic to make our lives easier to remove the cut out once it’s done avoiding sharp corners where it kind of gets glued together and if the file is delicate, can end up breaking it!

Hope you guys like it!

Q&A Open!

Happy forging!



Nice find! I’m not overly fond of the built in Smoothing tool that Illustrator uses. I’ll shift it to the Tips and Tricks section for you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Inkscape has a similar function that I’ve used for the same reasons, namely “Path->Simplify” (a.k.a. Ctrl+L). :sunglasses:


Cool! I have tried Illustrator’s Simplify command but it sometimes doesn’t get me what I need. Thanks for the info!

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I Agree, the simplify on Illustrator definitely changes the shape essence! :confused:

Thanks for sharing your expertise.

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if you are using AI to autotrace, you can also use the pathfinder options to help remove redundant points during the trace process, by clicking on Remove Redundant Points.



I use that too! But still find the plugin more effective! :blush:

Could you post the original SVG too? I would love to test it against my own workflow :slight_smile:

It’s against the rules to ask for files I’m afraid. Sorry.

I’ve read the rules, however, you were promoting a plugin that costs money and I would like to be able to independently verify that the plugin you are promoting and may be associated with works better than my current workflow. Without a baseline and allowing independent verification this whole post is just a sponsored ad.

The fact that you assume I’m incapable of typing the word cake in a font and converting it a path is insulting. I really don’t care what the file is it would be nice to do some verification.

Since you are not willing to provide a file for others to validate before spending money or signing up for a trial, would you be willing to run a file I generate through the plugin so that I can see the results and determine if it’s said plugin is worth my money?

I don’t mean for this to come across as mean, it’s just weird to promote something that no one else can easily test.

If they have a free trial, why not just sign up for it and… trial it?

It can be easily tested. With a trial. A free trial.


I’ve always experienced that Inkscape’s Simplify function smooths out curves in removing nodes and significantly changes the path. Is there are preference or setting that I am missing?


Great share, thanks! The 14-day trial allowed me to test it straight away on my own file and it worked great. Sure, there are other workflows that work (true for almost all plugins), but convenience and efficiency are worth investment… YMMV, of course.

BTW, just my opinion and all that, but sharing tools that we find interesting and/or useful seems like a perfectly valid topic for “Tips & Tricks.” Over the past three years, I’ve discovered some fantastic tools (both free and paid) here. In other words, there’s a world of difference between sharing and “promoting.” Oi! :chestnut: :badger: :nazar_amulet: :trackball:


Great! Glad you liked it!

As I said, i’m not promoting anything, I’m sharing what changed the way that I do things and why keep it to myself!? :blush:

I feel good when I help people!


Agreed sharing is caring! I still feel that it would have been nice to provide some sort of file just for comparison. From my experience it’s pretty easy to create horribly messy ones.

Also from my experience, one generally shouldn’t trust what people say on the internet so no hard feelings.

Not that I’m aware of @marmak3261—but I do not claim to be an Inkscape expert! I would agree that a better name for “Simplify” might be “Oversimplify”? :sunglasses:


Learn something new every day. Thanks @jbv!

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