Tips for that Back Lid Ribbon?

I have had to replace mine Twice in 2 years.

I am trying to understand why this cable has such a short life span and why so many new machines have to have a new Back Lid ribbon .

I have taped mine to keep it way and isolate it from the Laser Tube.

Is there anything else I can do to Maintain the Integrity of the Back Lid Ribbon ?

This Ribbon problem has become Legend in the Doom and Gloom of Glowforge Lore. lol

My machine is two + years old and I’m still on my original cable. I never open the lid all the way - the problem is it hitting the metal ridge when completely open. I also added a cut straw as a bumper over the metal piece.

could you post a picture of that , that may be key as I never open the lid up fast or open full , also.

Mine is three years, original cable, and I always opened the lid all the way until perhaps earlier this year.

It happens often but I wouldn’t say it’s expected - they’ve got over 30,000 owners now?


Good to hear, but i have used my machine for hours every day since I have gotten it.
The back ribbon is the most talked about negative on every YT Video . so I just want to bring light to that and see if there something I am missing , so far i got a plastic straw to implement.

Thank you.

Well there out of stock on those ribbon cables, so now your going to see some angry customers that are going to be shut down for awhile. When I got shut down I paid about a $1000 to a neighbor to help me out for a $19 Ribbon cable that shut my machine down. I wonder how much money there going to cost other people.

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