Tips for working with Delrin



Some cool tips for working with Delrin to put in our mental toolbox.I especially like the heat set inserts.


Great information, thanks.


Great article as I’ve come to expect from Hackaday. From experience I can tell you that heated Inserts work great.


Very good set of articles. I am trying hard to track down the vertebrae-type thing in the first image of the article. My cat doesn’t have a tail and I’ve thought about giving him a prosthetic one so he can climb trees and keep his balance.


How do naturally tail-less cats keep their balance?


Not as well as a tailed cat that can cork-screw it’s tail mid-air…


I wasn’t especially pleased about the test methodology but this guy experimented to find out how cats land right side up in a fall.


My cat has half a tail having lost the remainder in some early life trauma before he decided to adopt us.
I never thought of a prosthetic!
That could be hilarious if he is willing to wear it…


willing to wear it
Knowing it was attached, I would expect every effort to remove it.
Ever put booties on a cat? One of the funniest things I ever witnessed.


I grew up with a bunch of Manx barn cats whose tails ranged in size from 2" stumps to not-even-a-nubbin. They were fantastic little hunters, but didn’t do a lot of tree climbing.