Tips when assembling boxes

Kinda basic for past owners but if you’ve never assembled tight fit boxes before I made a looser fit one as an easy way to just show how I would recommend assembling to prevent chips in the wood.

If your experienced with 3d designs or you don’t like videos this probably isn’t for you and that’s ok too, just thought I’d share some tips…


Great demo, thanks for putting it together.


No problem anytime.

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With so many new people every day … I’m sure many will benefit from watching this. Great of you to take the time to make it.


Great video!

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Good video!

One question: Have you found any benefit of using a rubber-tipped hammer vs. a rubber mallet? I have the rubber mallet for garden stuff and it’s been…fine? for assembling stuff, but I’m curious if it’d be worth it to get a rubber-tipped hammer as well.

Thanks! Rubber tip hammer works great for when there is a tighter area to hit when you need it more focused on a certain point but a rubber tip mallet works well too but covers a bigger surface area so can’t get into some areas quite as well. I have both but you can probably get away using just one or another in a pinch for any project really.


Ahhh yeah that makes sense. Thank you!

No problem anytime

Hi. Thank you for the information. How do change the kerf (?) …sorry not familiar with the lingo. Is there a special software you use to design your boxes? The only thing I use is Inkscape and then upload to GF.

Thank you, Kim

Well there is a lot to unpack there for kerf, it’s basically the amount of extra material that get erased from the laser that needs to be manually edited for with your program in your case inkscape. I have kind of a starter series of short videos and one of the videos goes pretty indepth about kerf. You will want to watch the whole series in order thought to get the under standing of editing into the kerf section down the line. Here’s the link to the series: Glowforge, to the point - YouTube


Thank you so much! I’ve been wanting to make my own boxes so I know this will definitely help! I appreciate it!

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