'tis a Christmas miracle!

OK, a little click bait, I’ll admit. Not quite a miracle, more like a common GF problem solved.

I had just finished my Christmas GF projects when I started receiving the dreaded “lid open” problem. Following the email dance with tech support, the decision was of course, the “black cable”. Ha! I had ordered one the week before, apparently with some sort of premonition. For everyone who has had to perform this surgical operation on their GF, you’ll know the joy I speak of when you stick everything down and in place, turn it on and behold the bright LEDs. Sorta like turning on the Christmas tree after stringing the lights.

I would order another, but of course they’re out of stock now. Just a hint to everyone who has yet to experience the black cable problem, the next time they are in stock - order one. You will need it eventually. I’m betting everyone who has had to replace one, already has another in reserve. I’ve had my GF for 3-1/2 years and this is my second experience.

In any event, my GF is back in operation and it’s a Merry Christmas!


Haven’t had any issues yet, but did order mine the last time. I just received all my lenses too, just in case.


Smart! (I’m still on number 1.)


Just FYI, posting in this section actually opens a support ticket. Maybe post over in Everything Else next time you just want to share your happiness with us. And Merry Christmas! :slight_smile:


That is why they are out of stock. I replaced one and know well of what you speak. To put it on and have it work is Amazing as I also did not expect that I did not break it putting it in. Twice I had to adjust the plugs that were not in right at first, adding to those concerns.


That’s great news!!

I’m happy to see you being happy! Enjoy your holiday and your printing!