Tis the season for laser etched pie

Quick project this evening to make an extra special pie for family dinner tomorrow.

Happy holidays everyone!


So cool, thanks!
I don’t have time (or a pie) for tomorrow, but gives me ideas for some Christmas desserts! And maybe a new way to decorate gingerbread cookies! (:laughing: now I’m hungry, too!).

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A quick spiff is to cut an image from card stock, place it on the pie and sprinkle powdered sugar over it to put the image on the pie.


How long to bake the whole pie in there, just wondering.

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When I did that last year, by the time we had dinner the engraving had sort of “healed”



Too cool!

Same thing happened to us! Must be the oil reabsorbed into the scorched area… Next year more power!

I just watched the GF video they put out with engraving a pie - and they did a score around the engrave…that might make a difference next time!