To Alcohol! The cause of and solution to all life's problems!

It’s a thank you gift! Keychain bottle opener!


That is awesome. If you don’t mind sharing where did you get the opener to engrave? I have been looking for a new bottle opener for my keys.

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Stuff dissolved in other liquid stuff is always a solution!


Great looking gift. All details are now visible.

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I got them from a acquaintance who works in subliminal printing so bulk pricing but this is where he gets them


Looks great and a cool idea. PG Veneer over a steel bottle opener.

One possible issue you may have. The bottle opener inside tab will fit and lift a very sharp bottle cap edge. It’s likely that the veneer will be ruined at the tab after a couple uses. If the back side is blank then the user could always use that side, but let’s face it, we’re drinking beer. Our ability to follow directions will be impaired. Maybe leave the inside tab as bare steel?

Maybe it works as intended. Had beer last night and a little fuzzy.


Cool. Idea! :sunglasses:

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Yes the backside is blank! And inside part is bare. I did consider not to cut the part on the opener end but I thought it looked better covering the whole side. I do realize what you just meant though. (I dont drink beer). I’ll remake it for him if he breaks the veneer on the tooth part. He’s a good friend. My next goal is to find Moly Lube locally so I can just engrave on the opener directly


No criticism. Your design skills are certainly better than mine.

My entire career was spent testing stuff. I can’t help looking for potential functional flaws and trying to break things. Ya know, the type of person that asks his own kids what type of glue was used on their kindergarten macaroni art.


That’s okay! I actually didn’t consider the functional part. I rather have functional, not pretty

Great use of veneer … It looks great!