To the owners of both


Those of you who have both a glowforge and a x-carve can you run them off of the same computer at the same time? I know sometimes if you go from one page to another on some things that it will stop what it is doing on the one you left. Hope that makes sense. Or do you have a different computer for each one.


Once the job is sent to the GF and you pressed the button, that’s pretty much it. It’s not sending instructions continuously.

That being said, lots of people I respect at that pushing gcode in real time can consume all the cycles on a computer…


Thank you.


Disclaimer : I don’t own an X carve.

Based on my experience with other cnc routers I’d dedicate one to just it.
When I cut on any cnc with the gcode being interpreted real time I dedicate that computer to just that job. I even turn off wifi because once cutting every pulse is needed in a timely manner.


Thank you.


I don’t have an Xcarve, but I have an equivalent machine. I would not run them at the same time off of the same machine just due to the chances of a problem with the CNC. The job would fail on the CNC if the machine reboots or crashes while in operation, or you could run into a problem if the job stalls at the wrong time. That’s not the case with the GF.


Thank you.