Toast Stamper

My “Spin and Spill Balancing Bot Game” is finally out and on the newsstands in the current issue of MAKE magazine. (Glowforgers can find the designs and files in this forum). Here’s a sneak peak at a future installment of my “Toy Inventor’s Notebook” column. (My goal is to design one-page, simple DIY projects that are fun and super easy so that anyone can make it.) This one makes a stamp that embosses a design into bread that appears when toasted.

Sure, makable by hand fabrication or 3D printed, but a cinch to make on a GF! Cut the stamp shapes out of 1/4 acrylic, then solvent bond them onto a bread-slice-shaped backing plate.

This design makes a Make magazine mascot robot “Makey,” but you can make something much more personalized and interesting. Names, slogans, emoji’s, etc. A “Happy BDAY!” stamp could get lots of use (To this birthday breakfast I’d add some strips of bacon to seven-segment-spell out the digits of the birthday person’s age…as seen on"Breaking bad.") Just remember to mirror flip any text so that it reads right on the final stamped design.


I was wondering why it seemed so familiar when I saw in the latest issue. Congrats. :tada:


Cute idea! (Thought that was 3D printed at first, then realized…acrylic.) :slightly_smiling_face:
nuttin gets past me, nosir


What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing the how-to behind the scenes!

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This is cute! Congrats on your success so far!

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What a great and tasty idea!

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It’s the first toast stamp I’ve seen on here! Great concept—could be a hit for birthdays, anniversaries, & mom and pop days.

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Very cute idea!

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