Today is a good day to CALIPER

My dependency on my digital calipers was interrupted as my old standbys didn’t have the range to handle a larger subject today. I get the sense a Tools to make Tools subform might get legit action. Let’s fire up Affinity Designer to do some quick work…

Designed for Medium Draft Board, you’ll also need a quarter-inch diameter dowel rod, medium sandpaper, and a trigger clamp. This one sourced from Harbor Freight for all of $3.19

Sand a chamfer on one end of the dowel rod. Initially keeping it full-length intact allows for better leverage when sanding. Cut a 5/8" long segment. You’ll need two. Actual diameter measurement of this dowel was 0.24".

The chamfered end allows a start through one of the large washers. Without the trigger clamp acting like a hydraulic press, this might otherwise be a painful process. Some scrap draft board was strategically used to keep the flat dowel end from burying into the rubber jaws.

Continue pressing that chamfered end through one caliper arm, then the other, then the last large washer. Repeat this using the small washers for the friction groove.

The friction groove is intended to keep the arms stable and not loosely flop around when transferring to a ruler.

…aaaaand the SVG file that only our astute residents will be able to find and download…

We done?

Whaddya mean you’re not introducing an old-timey caliper in your LCARS-themed workspace? I suppose you’ll prefer this instead…

Wait for it…

Qapla’! Bat’lethpers worthy of the workshop of Mogh



The Bat’lethpers are very impractical. They will be hanging in my shop right next the the lathe. :slight_smile:


With a bit of modification that a straight line through both points and the center of the axis aligned the points and the inner point was exactly halfway between then the distance between the outer points would be double that of the inner points, so if you wanted to measure the inner wall thickness of a pulley for example you would have to open the calipers to get it out and thus lose the measurement, but with the Bat’lethpers you could set the inner points as a measure and the outer points would be exactly double that distance and easy to put to a scale :grin:

Edit: Just how thick is the bottom of that engraving…

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I stand corrected!

Also, they’re bleeping cool :sunglasses:

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Qapla’ indeed!

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Thank you so much. These will be added to all my other :glowforge: made measurement tools.

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