Today's the Day!


It’s on the truck. I’ll post a pic or two of the box condition, then probably hold off until set up. Others have done a good job documenting unpacking so I can skip that and felt to cutting faster. Thanks, @Tom_A.

It will take me a bit to build out the permanent one on my :glowforge:, but the :proofgrade: packaging seemed to make an OK temporary vent holder. I simply cut open the box, folded and glued the flaps down for rigidity, cut to the proper length and cut a hole a little bigger than 4". I’ll snake the tube out a bit and should be ready to go later today. Really simple and a good way to recycle/reuse.

I’ll add the box pics here, then probably post first projects in the Made on a :glowforge: category.

I hope I’m worthy . . . . .


Awesome! Cook us up something exciting!


Awes-tastic! Have so much fun!


Thanks for reminding me. I should try to remember to take time out to eat in the next couple of days. Meh, I could definitely lose a few pounds, why bother.

Or - - Maybe the Glowforge could be cross marketed as part of a new diet plan. Makes you forget to eat, AND can be used to suppress appetite by lasering some leather (from what I hear).


You are!


Yes. Plan your meals ahead of time or get delivery.


Woo-hoo! Let the forging (almost) begin!


Prepare for liftoff! :smiley:


Woo hoo…just stay with us…don’t disappear. Failures are just as important as success!!
Cant wait :laughing:


:squee: and launch countdown begins :smile:


Can’t wait to see what you’ll make!!


Wait! You’re already calling me a failure??? I resemble that remark! :smile:


Have fun!
And definitely worthy! You have a :glowforge: ya know!!! :sunglasses:


So excited to see what you come up with!!! :squeee:


Yay! have fun! remember that your brain needs hydration and nourishment in order to keep functioning!


Hey, all the great inventors and makers have had failures that’s what makes them better LOL I believe in you!! :grinning:


Hey, Thanks.

And Hey, likes are reset. They came back just about the time that UPS did. Box looks OK. Will post pics in a bit, might take an hour or so before I get it up and running. Someone is coming over to help so I don’t have to wrestle it out of the box alone.

You’re the first to hear directly.


I gotta say, I’m pretty darn excited for you!
If you take your time, it shouldn’t take anywhere near an hour to get up and running. I should have mentioned that in my post yesterday. MINUTES, I tell you. VERY easy setup. Getting those godforsaken hose clamps on took the longest time for me (and hurt like hell when I was squeezing it open and one side slipped). But, really, they made setup a breeze.


My question was why couldn’t we have just a smidge more length to that back tube. It is really, really short…


Totally agree! I was wondering the same. Although it makes a good, solid fit, so I guess it’s okay. Just… I dunno… 1/2 an inch more would be, I think, quite a bit better.

About the exhaust, though, it’s quite good IMHO. It starts cutting, and the smoke clears immediately. Seems there’s a vortex in there where the smoke shoots forward from the head, and then makes a u-turn and shoots out the exhaust. Kinda neat to watch.