Today's Upgrades - Slowing Down the Basic Model

My system was stuck in homing most of the morning. Now it’s back up and much much slower after their unannounced upgrade .

Starting to think GF is purposely slowing down the Basic Model.

Working properly… thank you GF

It was broken for everyone today, premium or not, basic, plus or pro, didn’t matter.

There is no grand conspiracy to get you going on here. At least not in regards to this. :slight_smile:


Not all of them - just yours. :grin:


“preparing to print” is taking minutes instead of less than one.

There was no upgrade today, there was an outage. There is not a grand conspiracy to make customers unhappy.


That’s the problem with “The Cloud”. None of the GF processing is done locally (though it easily could be). Our artwork goes to the GF servers, they crunch it and send it to the printer. If The Cloud isn’t working well, neither is the GF. It’s the one aspect of the printer I really don’t like. I have a lot of “maker” equipment including a FDM 3D printer, a SLA 3D printer, and a 4-axis CNC. None of them need processing in the cloud to work. The SLA printer is a Form3, and they update the printer FW and the slicer software on a fairly regular basis. The printer knows when there’s new FW and it tells. The slicer knows when there’s a new version and it tells me. It works just fine without having to run on a Google, Microsoft, or Amazon server (though Formlabs does use AWS to collect telemetry from the printers, but that’s fine since it doesn’t interfere with the actual printing process).

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