Token Chores Completion


Overheard the DIL mentioning to my son that she’d like some sort of token to give to the kids when they completed their chores… as sort of a motivational device. Hey! I have a laser! Pew pew pew!

Eighth-inch BB ply masked on both sides. Two inch diameter. Created in about ten minutes using Inkscape. The Disney image is from a dingbat font I downloaded from and converted to a path. I think it will be a hit.

If I think about the text meaning… is this a token signifying completion of a chore, or a token signifying the token completion of a chore, or a token signifying the completion of a token chore? I’m so confused…


Very cute! :grinning:


Needs some punctuation.

‘Chores Completed’ Token
‘Completed’ Token: Chores.
Token: Chores Completed.
and of course
Token Chores, Completed


I kinda like the ambiguity of my original presentation… (evil grandfather grin)


I think you just crossed “one token over the line…” (cute tokens though :wink:)


I’m old enough to remember that song… as I’m sittin’ downtown in a railway station. :wink:


Cute idea!


Adorable–she will love them!