Tokens for local businesses

I decided to make a dozen of these tokens for our city police officers to go and enjoy 2 free donuts at a local donut place that opened up recently. The donut shop owner loved the idea so I went ahead with it.
The draftboard didn’t engrave very well so I did them on PG Maple and put a glossy accent and some beads on the donut to “dress it up”. They went over well :slight_smile:

Also, did some for our local WingStop restaurant and they loved the idea of re-using the tokens as they get them! I told the GM I thought it was a much easier way to keep track )of tokens received back then the paper coupons.!


Awesome design! (Looks good enough to eat!) :grinning:

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They look great! The beads make them look real!

Looking to make something similar for my wife’s business as discount tokens. I agree they would be easier to keep track of and have a higher retention rate than paper coupons.

The stereotype of :policeman: Cops and :doughnut: donuts doesn’t work here in the VI, would have to rework them to Guava Tarts :yum::yum::yum:

Haha—bead ‘sprinkles’ is a very cool idea!

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