Told I will get a replacement and still no reply back on when I can expect to receive it? No follow up?

Hi everyone - Anyone else supposed to get a replacement machine & then never heard back on when to expect the replacement???
I ordered my Glowforge Pro late December of 2021…waited a month before I received it. I was jumping with joy when I received my box late January 2022, imagine that…Lol. Unpacked it, followed all the steps to get it set up started and running. Was super excited to make my first test project " the gift of good measure"…all seemed to being running ok AND THEN before the project is even finished, the button on my Glowforge turns YELLOW :frowning: error print job cancelled cannot complete
I read through many threads in the community, tried all the suggestions…such as turning off and powering back on, checking the venting, checking my wi-fi, etc. and still no luck.
I then emailed support a couple of times provided pictures, called and left 3-4 voicemail messages…
To sum things up: to this day I still have not had anyone from Glowforge call me back. It took me 2 emails, and also submitted a help ticket in support…After waiting almost a week to get someone to respond back to my email and a couple of days of going back and forth via emails with having me run tests on the machine, etc. The last email I received on 2/4/22 a Glowforge rep said that my machine seems to be having electrical issues that cannot be easily repaired and they will send me a replacement…I would need to respond back to their email approving that I will accept a replacement machine, upon receiving the replacement I will then mail my broken machine back.
Well it’s now the 8th of Feb, I still have not yet heard anything back from Glowforge stating that it is confirmed that replacement has passed final approval and when they will be sending my replacement machine, etc.
Yes, I have emailed them again to inquire on when they plan on shipping the replacement and requested that they also provide me shipping tracking info. etc. and here I still wait for an answer.
Can anyone please advise or offer any advice based on your experience on waiting to hear back about receiving your replacement machine with Glowforge. Did it take weeks to hear back? Any suggestions on how to get them to promptly reply back…
Please know I am not trying to be negative in any way. I just feel very frustrated and disappointed with the entire scope of my experience with Glowforge thus far.
I purchased a BRAND NEW Glowforge PRO. I can’t even use it!!! and the customer support experience I am experiencing is horrible… I honestly feel like the 6K I have spent on this machine is a total waste. Oh and my free glowforge premium trial ends in 5 days …ughmmm and never even had a chance to try to use it :frowning:
Thanks so much in advance for listening to my story/issues I’m having…any suggestions you all can provide will be so helpful :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community!

Unfortunately, we don’t have any more info than you do. Sometimes they’re quick, often they aren’t. Definitely check your spam filter in case their messages end up there.

Hope you have a working GF soon!

Edited to add: Definitely ask them about renewing your premium trial since your machine was down. They’re nice folks over there.


Hi Christy -
Thank you so much! Nothing in my spam folders…but I will continue to check just in case. Yes, I do hope and keeping my fingers crossed I will have a working GF soon :slight_smile: Thanks again. Take care.

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Yup and double to everything @ChristyM said and to add that while it might seem that getting a refurb back is a step down It actually isn’t. Many folk are still on their first machine but I am on my third and it is working better than the other two. They get extensively tested but there is nothing like shipping and a brand new user to put the real test to it, then they fix it and test it more and that is what you receive as a refurb.

For some reason, they have had a lot of issues recently to be much slower than usual. I have no knowledge of exactly why but I have certainly seen it this past month. There are many of us who waited up to two years as production caught up to sales, though I only waited 7 months for my pro.

While I cannot speak with certainty my expectation is that if they can they will extend your premium trial or offer a good discount. The basic issue comes down to your skill with other design programs like Inkscape and your desire for convenience vs the annual fee. It is pretty much only the ease in creating or getting free designs that the fee pays for. If you are a wiz at the Adobe set and want to make only what you do from scratch, then premium is less interesting.


Thank you so much for the suggestions and advice. I honestly don’t mind getting a refurbished machine as the replacement. I have heard that most of the time the refurbs are better than the new, lol. Glad to hear that you’re satisfied and happy with refurbished machine you now have :slight_smile:

Well I hope to hear back from GF soon. I will for sure ask about possibly getting the premium trial extended, but if not I’m not too worried, since Inkscape like you’ve mentioned is another option.

I know GF is probably overwhelmed with just coming out of the holiday season. With that being said, I will do my best to patiently wait :slight_smile:

Thanks so much again. Greatly appreciate your advice. Take care.


If you are not already very good with Inkscape, now would be a very good time to distract yourself by digging into it deeply. Also as Inkscape does very well with vectors it is pretty lame in working with raster files. Fortunately, Gimp can be amazing with raster files, and quite good at adding vectors from the raster that can be loaded into Inkscape :slightly_smiling_face: so that is a good thing to focus on too.

The issue you are facing is that Glowforge staff have no idea when a replacement will be available. They are dependent on the company assembles or refurbishes them to know when that might happen. There is also a backlog thanks to everything being shut down for a period over the holidays, parts availability, etc.

An unfortunate situation, just sharing the reality.


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