Tomorrow is my estimated golden email date

… and I’m not the least bit excited about that. I keep asking myself, what’s wrong with this picture? After 2 years of anxiously waiting (ok maybe only 1- 3/4 years of anxiously waiting as my waning enthusiasm creeped in about then) I found it profound that when my anticipated date changed from Dec 7 to Nov 29, I did not excitedly run down the stairs and gleefully exclaim to hubby, “My Glowforge will be shipping soon!” Instead I silently thought to myself, “Wow! A bunch of people must be bailing (cancelling) for my order to suddenly jump ahead two weeks!”

I tend to overthink things ( according to those close to me — personally, I think each project/life event takes however much thinking it is due) so maybe my lukewarm response to the impending ‘golden email’ has nothing to do with sixth sense concerns and more to do with the reality that the estimated air filter email date simultaneously moved out a month. Since my GF is a paperweight until the air filter materializes (if it ever does), the fact the GF email date moved up is immaterial. I can’t accept shipment of the GF until the air filter ships.

But I can’t get past the fact that I’m just not as excited as I was two+ years ago. Surely, if I’ve lived without it this long, it’s not a necessity. And the missing functionality bothers me. I understand that people that have never used or owned a laser cutter before may be excited by its capabilities. But as someone who’s had a laser cutter before — and who purchased this one due to its promised features — I’m frustrated that after a two+ year wait, this one will do what other laser cutters do with the same 30 step work-around.

So yeah, there’s my thought process on the eve of my golden email. Not exactly what I envisioned over two years ago when I breathlessly clicked the buy now button and entered my credit card number.

I’m sure the cheerleaders will be along to skewer me shortly. And to remind me that I can cancel m order and get my money back. I know. And it’s still a viable option. I haven’t ruled it out. But it appears I now have until June 8, 2018 to make up my mind (my current air filter email estimate).


why would cheerleaders skewer you for not being excited?


Nope. No one is happy when things shift out farther. You sure there’s absolutely no way to vent it while you wait for the filter? No garage? No windows you can stick a table in front of?


Good question. Theories abound.


Is it really conceivable that someone waiting 2+ years for their prized GF would’ve overlooked a window? “Oh look, honey! We’ve lived in this house 11 years and I never noticed this window before!”

Our HOA (homeowner’s association) expressly prohibits it (venting out a street-facing window).

The temperatures in the garage range from -20* (winter) to 105* (summer). Far outside the recommended operating temperatures of the GF.


I cannot think of a case where a laser cutter would be a necessity. I believe it’s always a want. I mean, unless one said “I’m gonna be a laser cutterer when I grow up.” But, otherwise. :slight_smile:


What’s that supposed to mean?!


My HOA also prohibits venting. I just put the vent in when I am using it and take it out when I am done and usually do most of my cutting at night when no one is really looking at my windows. :slight_smile:


From your warning about “cheerleaders”, we may be forewarned that you aren’t looking for solutions, but rather venting. Even with that in mind, I can’t stop myself…have you looked at the custom filter options that others have proposed on the forum? Some are “off the shelf”. Also, can you vent out of a non-street side opening, even if it’s of your own creation?

Your feelings are understandable, but sad to begrudge the continuing eagerness for many of the rest of us.


Understandable because in your situation (can’t use it without the filter) you’re telling them to hold it and you’ll wait for the whole thing to come together so you’re really just getting an email that’s signing you up for another 6 month delay.

From all the posts the last few months, you may be the first to defer.


Wow. Name-calling. Bonus dose of snark towards somebody attempting to help you. Nice.


A big piece of advice I’ve picked up recently from a guy by the name Ben Shapiro(doubt any close relation but distantly):

When his wife begins to complain about something he stops her immediately to ask: are you telling me this because you want a solution or are you just venting?

Regardless of the answer, he listens, but the end of the conversation goes differently depending on which response she’s looking for. Think that’s where we are here. With a small side of bait knowing full well where it’s being posted.


I wouldnt be excited to get something I had to wait to use. At all.

Dont the laser tubes have a shelf life? So its usefulness is dwindling, unused, while you await a filter? Nope to that. I would be deferring my shipment until the filter.

That “golden email” is more like plated nickel when it’s really an email like “hey, would you like to wait longer? Oh, dont have a choice? Sorry, buddy”.

I’m sorry you still have such a long wait. I dont know what to say to make it better.


If I knew this was a thing, I would have totally said I wanted to be a laser cutterer when I grew up. ha

I really like this. Thanks for sharing!


Clearly somebody pooped in her Count Chocula.


I see the HOA rules say that you cannot vent out a street facing window. My house has 4 sides and only one faces a street. You might need to get creative. I saw someone vent through the chimney. Someone else tied into the existing dryer vent.

Hope you can get your excitement back. The Glowforge is alot of fun.


Or, you know, they’ve successfully ramped up production again.


They’re not made of bread, they don’t deteriorate when unused.

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GF’s may not, but standard CO2 laser tubes do. Not a lot but measurable.

In this case it’s the burning of the warranty that is material. Get your GF and shove it in a closet for 6 months and you just wasted half your warranty period. Better to defer as warranty starts when it physically ships (not email ships).


Not really odd I think that your excitement has wained across 2 years. Things change. The only constant is change

As an alternative to your initial plan? Yes.
My original plan changed 3 times before finding a solution. Jules was simply asking a question. Tom essentially agreed with your statement.

Hey! That’s my que! Rah-Rah :tada:
Your disappointment and need to vent about not getting the filter with your order is clear, and you are entitled to your feelings - no one attempted to invalidate them, so why the condescending comments? :thinking: