Tonight's maker fail


came home to this

That is nylon 910 BTW, which makes this one insanely tough mass. heated it to 255C and pried it off with pliers. Managed to not break any of the wires (with creative flush-cutter use). The 8mm steel rods were flexing as I pried it off, this stuff is insanely strong.


You doctors!
Always trying to make the ‘perfect’ small intestine

Back to the drawing board with this version though


Owie! Sympathies. :neutral_face:


looks like alien medical waste.


Bummer, that.


Were you TRYING to make a puked up hairball??? Cause if so, you nailed it. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s a bad enough event with PLA; Nylon is much worse. That’s one of the reasons I no longer leave my 3D printer unattended for very long. Last time this happened to me, I had to take the entire extruder assembly apart.


Definitely not fun…


I think it’s a tumor…




Yah. That’s a mess. One of the wires for the stepper motor on my Y axis went a week and a half ago, I was lucky it wound up spaghetti. You were not lucky.


ouch! good job on prying all that off without breaking anything.


My first Chernobyl event was quite the encrustation. I was very sad because I thought the whole head was ruined. I did have to remove everything and clean it all, but it worked after. It was just PLA though and I found out it could get removed pretty easily. I can’t imagine the mess with nylon.


If it wasn’t for the blue thing in it, you could have snipped off the threads, put it on a shelf in your office and when people asked about it say it’s a blah, blah, blah (in Latin of course.) They would have nodded their heads in agreement.


That is the silicone sock from E3D: