Tony's awesome laser thing

Just saw Tony’s vase on @Dan’s twitter feed and had to share it here.


That is cool! I might have to make one of those…

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seems like a good excuses to put a mob together

cool optical illusion


Oh my. That’s trippy. Can’t quite tell. Is the inside hollow?

Really neat design and and function. Perfect use of laser to cut and stack and do 3D.

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the inside is a set of graduated rings. The full circles stop you from seeing it all at once resulting in the appearance of motion when perspective changes


If the outer rings were clear acrylic, a light inside would look really cool. It looked like there was a light cord behind the lamp.:grin:


Very cool. Definitely on my glowForge to do list now

Ooo neat idea. Could have lots of fun with different colors of acrylic.


Cc the real @Tony

I couldn’t help myself…

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This is like the adult version of those stickers where the image changes depending on how you look at it. I don’t know what they’re called or how they work, but I loved them.

I feel like it would be a logistical nightmare, but I wonder if the awesome laser thing could be made so that something is revealed with the angle change - like a word. Or one word morphing into another.

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I believe it’s just something like a lenticular lens that blocks the view at different angles.