Too cold alert but it’s not that cold

So my machine all day has been saying it’s too cold. I go to cut and it stops mid way. Eventually it would finish the project but then I was unable to start again. I gave it a few hours to warm up and first cut I had to restart the machine atleast 4 times before it would cut. Finished a 7 minute job no issues. Go to cut another project literally 3 minutes later and got the “too cold” message again. It’s in our basement which is 68 degrees. We put the temp reader gauge inside the actual machine and it still was getting a reading of 64 degrees but would not work. Is there something else I could try? This is only the third day of having the machine. I’m pretty bummed

The low end of the range is 60 degrees. You’re probably getting cold air in through the exhaust. I think someone suggested leaving the cover open so the warmer air gets in. And someone had created a gate for blocking the exhaust when not in use. That might keep it warmer. It’s in the “Free files” section.

In desperation, can you turn the heat up in the room a bit?


As @ChristyM has said the official operating temperature has a minimum value of 60F. But the “Too Cold” warning will not occur until significantly lower than that. 64F sounds very much in the normal range and the fact that you able to run the unit for a bit should have warmed the fluid temperature further rather than cooling it off. If the unit was too cold at idle you would have had a warning light immediately and not been able to operate. The unit should never cool down below the safe operating temperatures when running. A backflow of the exhaust when running is not really possible, only during idle or off. Thinking only support can solve this one.


We left the temp gauge in the basement over night. It did not get any lower than 64 degrees. My husband even put up plastic wall drops around the area which has the hot water boiler in it as well. I’m almost positive the machine did not get any lower than that. I have no clue what to do next.

Contacted support for help but I’m afraid it will take days like I’ve read.

Posting here creates a ticket, so you can be sure they’ve seen it. Good luck!

Oh awesome! I didn’t know that- thank you!

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For future reference, if you post here you’ve opened a support ticket, so don’t email support, as that creates a duplicate ticket, which slows them down. :slight_smile:

Yes Christy told me that right above yours. Thank you

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When it 74 here it’s too cold (for people, not the machine) :slight_smile:

My problems always too hot so an AC straight to the :glowforge: is what I have to use…

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So it’s sat in a 65 degree room for over 8 hours. As soon as I turn it on it doesn’t move or anything. Makes a blowing noise for about 2 seconds and then straight to the orange glow button. And nothing after that. No movement no nothing. I double checked the pins and they are all straight. The hose has been disconnected since last night so there’s no way at all the cold air from outside was anywhere near the machine. All it says is too cold and the emblem spins on the computer. I’ve left it completely unplugged for a few hours too

Does anyone have any ideas?

Are you getting status updates when the machine state changes (such as: offline, etc)?

Yes it goes to offline and then when I turn it on goes to too cold

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Turn the machine on and let it sit there, running, until you lose the Too Cold message. The thing that has to warm up is the fluid in the reservoir that runs through the tube. Being liquid, it’s going to be slower to warm up (or cool off) than the air around it. It’s not much, but they do start to heat up when the machine is turned on, so don’t turn it off for a while.

You can try using a space heater (Delonghi makes a very good radiator style heater) to warm the ambient air up around the machine intake (right side underneath) or you can try warming the air with a hair dryer set on med-low, not high, and don’t point it directly at the tube, point it at the intake under the machine…you don’t want to crack the tube.)

Other than that…just wait to hear from support.


Thanks for taking the time to do some initial troubleshooting and letting us know what you did. I really appreciate it. I’m taking a look into this now, and I’ll update you just as soon as I have more information. Thanks for your patience, and I’m sorry for the challenging start.

Thank you- I’ve set up a small space heater and it got the room up two degrees and I tried the machine again and still orange glow button and too cold

Thanks again for your patience. Unfortunately, it looks like your unit is experiencing an issue that we can’t resolve remotely. I want you to have a reliable unit, so I’m recommending we replace this one. I’ll be in touch via email to sort out the details. I’m so sorry about the bad news.