Too cold error

I have a to cold error and it’s not to cold or hot in or outside my house. I haven’t had my glowforge Pro for not even two weeks. I spent my last to get the machine to help support my family since COVID took a toll on my families income. Now I have to cancel orders that were made for a pop up shop tomorrow. I also see a broken wire maybe this is the issue


You can

You can use a jumper wire to test . Take a straight pin and put into the base and a alligator wire clip to the end of the black wire.

I would wait for support to give the go ahead unless the proper connection is really obvious, so as not to make the situation worse.

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Black wire all the to the right

I see you already emailed us about this. I just replied there with a request for some additional photos that will help us investigate. So we can keep troubleshooting to one channel, I’m going to close this topic.