Too Cold then automatically Too Hot

Im not sure what’s happening. My GF Plus has always been in the same spot /same temp since set up. Over the last few months, I’ve noticed a lot of Cooling Down happening sometimes within seconds of starting a cut. I moved the machine to a spare bedroom where its even cooler and now the machine stays stuck on Too Cold. Usually takes a good 20-30 min to make it to the “Ready”. And there again, as soon as I begin a cut, it stops the to Cool Down. I had the machine off for over a week, turn it on today and its the same thing. The unit sits dirrctly under an AC vent, I have an inline fan with an exhaust out of a window and a small fan blowing on the right side that i turn on once in the cooling down mode. Nothing helps! Not under warranty.

Check to see that the air intake under the machine on the right side is not dirty or blocked limiting the air flow. Welcome to the community.


Thanks! Its clean. Nothing underneath. Is there a way to actually clean it?

ShopVac with crevice attachment slid under the machine.


Have you ever cleaned any of the fans?


Check the exhaust fan grill in the back for obstruction. That grill will eventually face-load.


Add this to the list of places to check. It’s in the front left of the machine. This bundle of wires includes the temperature sensor’s, and the drag chain circled to the right of it can bump into those wires when the laser arm is moving around if it’s not properly placed. It’s possible for it to wear through, disconnect or destroy the wire leading to spurious temperature related errors.


Thank you! I moved this out of the way. I could see where it had been rubbing. I fired it up and havent had any issues all day.


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