Too cold to print

i turned on my gf to make something today, its saying “alert too Cold” its inside the house so not sure why this is happening

has it been sitting with the vent connected to the outside air?

that could make the inside cold. leave it with the lid open and no venting for a bit.

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when i turned it on i put the vent outside, but i did what you said and its back on, thanks so much!

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Next time ask a hard question and then I’ll refer you to jules :wink:

Glad you are going again. I recall somebody talking about their’s getting cool last winter.

I have had Beamer for just a few days over a year now. I have barely used him. However, he is about to get rocking. :slight_smile:


I am able to engrave at 50F temp inside the GF. I suspect that is about the limit since there was a quick Amber light when it first powered up.

Always fun playing with the extremes.

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Pro, outside, 85% day, shade and dry ice.

Like frozen CO2 dry ice? Where are you located? On a pole of the planet Mars?

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Like frozen CO2 dry ice. Located in Michigan. Used the dry ice to keep the :glowforge: ambient temp low enough to run.

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(We make the dry ice in winter, also known as 9 months of the year, then use it during summer, also known as 3 months bad sledding.)


Hah! We’re the polar opposite. :smile:

Thanks for the answer @ca_worth, that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!