Too cold warning but not too cool actually

I posted in help and support but I’m trying to see if I’m missing something and maybe I could get some help/input.

I’ve had the machine for literally 3 days and on the second day as I was in the middle of cutting the proofgrade acrylic I got a too cold warning and it stopped the cutting. So I waiting for a while and it eventually finished the job. Tried again in acrylic and stopped mid way and wouldn’t start again. Tried leather and again started for less time this time and then stopped. I was stupid and then Tried the hardwood that was included and it almost got completely done and then stopped completely. Our basement does not get below 64 degrees. We turned off the machine and called it a night.

The next morning I went down to cut again and it worked for a 7 minute job and then would not work at all after that. It’s been almost 24 hours since it’s even moved from the spot. I turn it on and it almost instantly turns the orange glow.

Now I’ll post everything we do and can someone see if I’m missing something to try.

I never leave the hose attached to the machine unless I’m using it.

I’ve unplugged the machine today for a few hours and still “too cold” and left the lid opened

I restarted my computer and phone and still nothing

Carefully took the printer head off and Unclipped it to see if the pins are all straight and they are. (I’ve read to check that on a different post but don’t know if it was even helpful or not)

I know for a fact since 7 o’clock last night the room did not get below 64 degrees because we put a temp reading gauge downstairs. Even left it inside the actual machine. Would it sitting in an at least 64 room for that amount of time give the liquid enough time to hit 60 degrees to run?

I’m lost and still completely new to this whole machine so if someone thinks something I overlooked let me know. Any tips are appreciated

I left you some notes on your other post. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sadly this really does sound like a sensor issue - “too cold” happens below 60 (and I think it’s quite a bit below cuz I’ve never gotten it despite cutting in lower evening temps).

I’d be curious, if you have a box heater or equivalent, you might try blowing that up the exhaust tube…see if the sensor issue is that it’s miss-calibrated too low as opposed to just broken. Eg. get the box up into the 70s and see if it allows you to cut (you’d want to cut something mostly harmless since you’d no longer be venting outside!)

Support will get back to you - and you may get other suggestions on that thread too

Fingers crossed


Thank you! I’m getting a space heater going now. Fingers crossed

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Saw something similar - maybe the same issue?We pipe our fumes out the window. On days of high winds, the wind blows back up when the machine is not running (lid open) and triggered the alert.

I haven’t had the hose connected since last night

What is the temperature outside?

38 degrees. Which I understand is cold but that’s why I haven’t had the exhaust connected since early yesterday. The room is up to 71 degrees right now. I just tried it again… and same thing.

Ah, OK, if the exhaust is disconnected then never mind. :wink:

Oh Man! I was hoping you had a magic fix for me :grimacing:

Open the lid on the machine so that the warmer air in the room can reach the tube and the reservoir. (And it still might take a few hours. Is the tube cold when you put your hand on it?)

I’d point the space heater into the GF. The room temp isn’t as important now as the fluid temp and that’ll warm quicker if the space heater is pouring warm air into the GF.


Agreed. Warm air rises, so placing the radiator just below and to the right of the table will help.(With the machine running, so that it’s drawing air.)

Long term, I’d definitely leave the radiator there to raise the temp, and always disconnect that exhaust hose at night or when not in use. I’d also leave the lid up so the temperature inside the machine equalizes gradually to room temp when not in use.

Fortunately don’t have a lot of “too cold” issues here, but the heat 9 months out of the year makes up for it.

And this still might be a thermostat issue. Hard to tell. :neutral_face:

BTW: If my machine is typical then the “too cold” message and pause doesn’t occur until the temp is below 50F or 51F. Been running for a month at temps just above that. So sounds like you are having a machine specific issue.

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Yeah, looks like Vee just responded on the other thread. Too bad. :neutral_face:

yup- I guess I’ll get a new one soon. I tried again it started to cut for a little and then stopped again mid cut. Hasn’t started again yet. The room is still at 69 degrees

It’s academic now but wondering, is it a Pro, Basic or Plus? It’s strange that it starts to cut and then shuts down after a bit of time. If it were a Pro I could think of a specific failure that might cause such a thing. The Peltier cooler in a Pro is supposed to be turned on only when needed. If it were stuck to “always on” in a cool room it’s possible that the coolant might lower to the point of triggering the sensor. We will never know because the company never posts the failure information.


It’s a pro- do you have more information on this? Now I’m wondering it that’s what it could be

No just a wild guess based on almost zero info. Doesn’t matter since there is nothing you can fix. Not likely to be a loose cable or anything like that.

Would I have the same issue if I get a new one?