Too cold

Too Cold fault. After repairs for a overheating fault.

Could you elaborate on steps for repairs and what is going on now?

long story, short version, over the last couple months I have had issues with overheating faults. Several software updates later and some trouble shooting I found a broken wire going to a heat sensor. I repaired the wire and now I have a Too Cold fault.

I assume the Software updates were sensor re-calibrations due to high resistance readings related to the wire braking a little at a time. Now that the wire is fixed the sensor is reading to low of resistance and is out of range. I am hoping that another Software update will fix this issue

Did GF supply the replacement cable? If so, one would assume that the cables would be of the same specifications and the resistance would therefore be the same. How hard would it be to change the sensor?

Posting here opens a ticket with GF support. They are not going to able to offer any advice other than the machine needs to be sent in for repair - which may be questionable as you’ve made hardware changes (they can choose to deny repairs on modified machines.)

Yes, I know. I’m an EE. It is, however, their right.

It doesn’t help that they are switching their logistics provider right now.

Hello @charrdtx - I’m sorry to hear you’ve run into this new trouble, thanks for letting us know.

I see that some of my colleagues have already reached out via email in regards to potentially replacing this printer but have not heard back. Would you mind checking your email and making sure those details have been received?

If not, please let me know!

Mike I have replied to Pip and Ryan about replacing this unit. I know I made modifications to the unit that voids the warranty I am not asking for warranty or a new machine. I am simply asking for tech support for a Too Cold felt that I have now.

Steve they would not send me a replacement cable. At this time it is not on their approved replacement parts list that they will send to customers. the repair was not that hard. I removed both terminals opened the clamping tabs and striped back about 3mm of wire shielding then reinstalled the terminal and assembled the connector. I feel very confident about the wire repair. I have a background in electronics so that a positive or negative. lol

Gf has been good with support and I now that I voided my warranty on my own choice but I only had a couple weeks left on my warranty anyways. I do feel like this is a problem that can be fixed even if I do have to send the unit in for repairs.

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3mm shouldn’t have reduced the resistance that much (unless it was already super tight on tolerance). You know way more about electronics than I do ( I just MacGyver everything and hope what little electronics knowledge I have applies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) Please keep me posted as to what the problem/solution is as this one really puzzles me.

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Me too

Hello @charrdtx - at this point our next step would be to look into getting this printer repaired.

I’ve followed up with some additional information via email, please keep an eye out for that email as it should be on its way. I’m going to go ahead and close up this topic, and we can finish up everything via that email thread. Please feel free to reach out there if you have any questions.