Too cool: Retro birdhouse campers


The person who makes these sells them on Esty along with a bunch of other cool (mostly lasercut) items.


That’s cool! One of our users, @SunnyStarbucks was working on a similar camper birdhouse design a few months back.

They’re so cool looking! Makes me wish I could have birds. :grinning:

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Yes, those are really adorable! I thought @rpegg was also collaborating with his wife on something like this as well.

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Yep, he sure did make a little mechanical camper toy. We need to see some more of those.

Not sure if the wife is in the mood to work on vintage camper birdhouses right now. This is how she came up the driveway a couple hours ago. Seems her little 1975 camper decided not to make the entire return trip after a weekend on the road.

She was camping 200 miles away. Luckily it waited to break loose coming back up the driveway.


Uh-Oh! Not good! :neutral_face:

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Not gonna like that post! Still, it could have been worse.

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:open_mouth: Glad she’s safe but sad it didn’t make it…

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That bird house is absolutely adorable