Too dark to design

I have three masked in blue hearts on my tray.
**It’s so dark I can’t see to engrave on them for centering purposes, despite the fact I have two bright flashlights sitting on top in a quest to lighten it up in there. How do you deal with this problem? Why is this a problem when it is really bright enough in there?

I’ve got to get some flower girl wands to an anxious bride, any help appreciated!j

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Can you put a piece of white paper underneath the hearts?


Can you mask them with lighter colored masking instead?


Either of the earlier suggestions should work.

Hi @cdbild. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve run into some trouble trying to print on some material that may be too dark. The unit will calibrate for prints by taking a series of images to help locate and adjust the printer head. If there are any large dark parts on the crumb tray, or voids in material, it can create some confusion for the lid camera. I saw that other users were able to offer some tips and advice to help. Can you let me know if the suggestions were able to help you resolve this, or if you’re still encountering trouble printing? Let me know and I will be happy to continue with any needed troubleshooting.

Also, when very bright light shines into your Glowforge, it can cause problems for the cameras. It could also help to vary any external light sources to avoid any potential for that to factor in to any print issues. Thank you!