Too Hot /head and arm moving slow

I had been getting an error message “Too Hot” . I Cut it off for 4 days. I came back to the machine, yellow light off and cut 2 samples fine. Ok so now there’s another problem. The head/arm is moving really slow. The laser is not consistently cutting. I am trying to cut an arch which typically take 16seconds. It is now taking over 1 minute. On one print cycle the laser did not shot out. please HELP

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On the cut that typically takes 16 seconds, did the interface show 16 seconds but the cut actually took over a minute, or did the interface state that the cut was going to be over 1 minute?

Have you completely cleaned all of your fans and optics recently?

To help diagnose problems, Glowforge support often requests that you print the Gift of Good Measure on Proofgrade material with Proofgrade settings. If it doesn’t cut/engrave perfectly supply photos of the front and back along with the date and time of the print.


Yea I’m with @dklgood on this one, sounds like your air circulation is blocked up, time to clean it all!

“A clean Glowforge is a HAPPY Glowforge”


Hello @creativelyembellishe, I see you also have an email request and we’re working on it there.

I’m going to close this post to simplify our communication going forward!

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