Too hot?

So the wall thermometer in my shop claims it is 85 degrees. Glowforge Pro starts up to do a print and stays perpetually in “cooling” mode, but never starts the print (waited 5 minutes or more). Have not seen this behavior before. Is it normal?

yes. definitely too hot. i have a basic, so don’t remember what the temp range is for the pro, but it’s definitely lower than 85.

Recommended Operating Temperature: 60F-75F (16C-24C) Basic and Plus; 60F-81F (16C-27C) Pro

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Figured as much - stuck at the beginning of a week-long heatwave, so will have to do prints at night, I guess!

Some have found that blowing an A/C unit (portable) over the GF helps?


Best I can do is an iffy 82 F +/-.
If doing a fast cut it will work in the afternoon, but if it is a bigger design I will open the vents in workshop full for an hour and drop it to 78 or lower.

Is sort of odd because 78 in that workshop is chilly compared to the rest of the house at 75-76.
No matter, will run like a board struck mule at 78.


Well, it was working fine this morning. Then it got too hot in the shop. Luckily I keep a fridge of hipster beer for just such an occasion! It worked!


I see a new item in the GF store “Glow Beer” I guess that’s what they use it for? :slight_smile:


I see so many having an issue with cooling gf and room temp. I don’t have that issue, but when I moved into my new home (central Florida), a year ago, I wanted more cooling options even tho I have central air upstairs and down. It just seemed to be difficult to cool this house (a lot of glass windows and doors) I purchased 3 Dyson cooling fans one for upstairs and 2 for down. They help a lot. It comes with a remote control which is quite handy. The app is very good as well. You can change the filters, but I haven’t had too yet, the app will tell you when it’s time. I bought the larger towers and they are spendy but they also have a baby too. I am not sure it would be the answer but maybe something to look at. :).

That’s just ingenious! :smile:

A fan without a cooling coil (or evaporative cooling like sweat) will not cool the room if the air in the room is warmer than the desired temperature. In fact, a fan will heat up the air in the absence of anything else to provide the cooling. Since the Glowforge doesn’t sweat, I don’t think this would work in a shop that has no other source of A/C.

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Now that’s too funny, but at least now you can forge a beer dispenser, errr, cooling tower :laughing:


My Pro pauses before each job for a couple of minutes at 78. I’ve got a fan blowing under it as well. I usually leave the lid open and the unit turned off now when I 'm not using it so it doesn’t warm up inside.

If it keeps warming up in the basement, I’ll have to haul it upstairs to the a/c - my wife says I can take over one of the kids’ rooms now that he’s off on his own.

Just curious. Do you have a flap on outer end of the exhaust to keep the heat from coming in the back door?
Seems like a pro should be ok at that 78.

Yep. But I’m suspecting it’s doing a bit of pre-cooling where it’s running the pump & Peltier to cool it before it starts to lase so it doesn’t have to stop in the middle. Once it starts (after 2-5min) it runs a 40 min job (mostly engraves at 40 pews & max speed) without stopping.