Too Lazy to Mask, Paint, or Engrave

Thanks to @monoleto for the file.



They look really good! Did you cover them?

No, the mdf comes in patterns. Cut, assemble, done.


Oh wow, maybe put that on my Christmas wish list…


Where did you find the mdf?

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Two different places - Smokey Hill Designs (Pattern Ply) and The latter company sort of implies that they could produce material individualized with your print or work with someone to produce specific patterns. hmmmm?


Dang, all the pattern ply’s are out of stock, but they do have a gift card option!

They are a very small shop (a married couple I think) and they take preorders on Fridays, then produce and ship. Very popular with the Facebook crowd. The other shop is in my old stomping grounds (Boulder, CO) and they haven’t gotten slammed yet with orders. They also have much more interesting patterns - but I wouldn’t know what to do with them. I don’t mask either product, just wipe off a bit, so it really is a quick project. What is interesting about the Colorado company is that they sell one sided material which is half as expensive and just as good for lots of projects.


Wow they do have some beautiful patterns!

I think I could do that too. I bought a white hard board, but the white side I found can be sublimated because of the coating. It looks like JPPlus sells two sided hardboard, but it’s large, I’d have to cut it to size.

Gosh, that stuff looks great!

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I agree that stuff looks great. Thanks for the source I’ll be checking that out. Both items look great.

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Oh I could do damage to my budget there! I controlled myself and just got a couple to play with.

This is interesting! As someone who is starting to think masking is a big waste of material (and time) this could be the foundation for lots of opportunities.

Hmmm… this makes me reconsider MDF completely. Very cool!

Where did you get the single sided from?

I bought it from etsy, but later realized I can also get it from home depot and the lumber store for much cheaper. It was regular white hardboard. I don’t know if all of them are the same, but the white part was completely sublimatable, didn’t have to buy anything special. I bought it for glowforge to make @geek2nurse’s light box. It feels like ikea furniture laminate… So I’m assuming I can sublimate ikea furniture too :rofl::rofl:


I’ve bought it at HD and Lowe’s, but the stuff I have bought recently doesn’t sublimate worth a darn. I’ve tried all kinds of time and temps on pressing and they are either dull or stick to the paper.